Webinar Playbook

You can copy this playbook for free. I have used this playbook for my work and continues to refine it.

Playbook to plan, host and manage webinars.

1. Plan webinars

Hosting a successful webinar involves many activities and preparation to establish an authority in your space.

Audience & Customer survey

Always survey your customers and audience to gather the right insights for your webinar and the kind of content that will be useful.

  • {List your survey inputs}

Analyze competitors & industry

Helps to ideate the right topics and Do’s and Dont’s

  • {List your key findings}

Research topics

Your webinars need to offer tremendous knowledge and know-how, hence gather customers' inputs, research, and insights from industry/competitors to arrive on the right topics.

  • {List your topics}

Webinar positioning

Our positioning strategy is to position the webinar as a unique one for our customers and the industry.

  • {Fill your positioning strategy statement}

Webinar content

With topics & positioning established, prepare 6 to 8 webinar contents that have to go through your marketing function to finalize. During content preparation, identify possible speakers /co-hosts.

Bring your team members for the content creation and collaboration. 👇

👉Webinar Content Planner

Inform & Invite speakers/co-host

We inform and invite speakers to ensure

  • they like to join your webinars

  • they align with the content outline for the specific webinar

  • they can block a few hours in their calendar for the webinar

Create a speaker database for all your webinars. This will help you to bring them again for future webinars too. 👇

👉 Speakers Database

Webinar Email Templates

Write all your email copy and manage it in one place for team members to access the same and use a similar tone.

👉 Webinar Email Copy

Webinar Software

Here are the list of webinar software we have identified based on our need.

Note: You can use G2 and many other review sites to compare platforms: https://www.g2.com/categories/virtual-event-platforms

Now you are ready to launch your webinars.

2. Launch Webinars

Launch your website to list webinars.

Webinar Website

Launch the website to list webinars and allow visitors to register. Note: You have to regularly manage webinar content listing to add new listing and move the older ones accordingly. If you are already using a CMS for your website, extend the same to launch your webinar resources page or use your blog CMS to create a 'webinar' category to make it easy to manage content.

Add Upcoming Webinar Page

Create a landing page in your webinar website, add appropriate content and CTA button(s), which links to your webinar registration page URL/widget to open.

Webinar Registration

Every webinar software offers a registration landing page that you can save as a template and use the templates to create one or more upcoming webinar registrations. Keep

Schedule upcoming webinar registration.

Publish 2 upcoming webinar registration to go live. Don't publish all upcoming ones; your immediate webinars should get maximum registrations.

Promote - Upcoming Webinar

You need to promote your upcoming webinar to have a sizeable attendee registrations.

Webinar Promotion Channels

Pre-Webinar Day Checklist

There are many other smaller activities to track; here is the checklist. 👇

👉 Pre-Webinar Day Checklist

3. Webinar Day

Get ready for the webinar day. Avoid any last-minute changes to your schedule. Here is a checklist to follow.

👉 Webinar Day Checklist

4. Post-Webinar

After your webinar is completed, here are the TODO tasks.

Publish Webinar

Here is a checklist to publish your webinar.

👉 Publish Webinar Checklist

Update Webinar Page

After the webinar is completed and you have a recording ready, you need to update the webinar page to remove the 'register' button and embed the webinar video. Move the Webinar page from 'upcoming webinars' to 'past webinars'.

Webinar Distribution

Distribute your webinar contents in all channels such as Video, Slide, Blog, Medium Post, Tweet, Email, Messaging and various social media channels.

👉 Post-Webinar Distribution

You can get the playbook and all templates from my website.

References & Credits

You can use this playbook for free. I have used this playbook for my work and continues to refine it. You can find bookmark my website Knowledgebase section to find reference to this template.


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