My Mission is NoCode for SideProject - Why?

2012 October is the last time I coded. That completed 14 years of non-stop coding. 

Started coding in pre-dotcom era of Jscript to JDK 0.9 to PHP 5 and many open-source technologies in between.

Stopped coding as I shifted my focus to scale the business. 2021 is when I got some funding and could stop bootstrapping. 



Fast forward to the year 2020, when I decided to venture out to probono mentoring.

In a single year in 2020, I could speak to 176 founders. One common pattern I found among pre-seed founders /want-to-startup folks is the time it takes to build an MVP and see the idea's feasibility.

Most of them had already invested time & money in building a product and didn't even have 20-50 customer feedbacks.

This pained me a lot. Having burnt my fingers while building my startup in a rush with too many features in the first few versions... I am sure this is true for many founders there (built too-many-features / unwanted features /built too soon ...wasted plenty of money without any traction, etc.

This pain was there in my mind...

First forward to 2021...

When we launched Foundership, the goal was to be the catalyst.

A catalyst to enable people to launch startups with the lowest cost, fastest to market, iterate and execute better!

25th September, I launched this as a mission cohort program: Build a Side Project with NoCode - With @bhanuv3 as co-director of the program, my co-founder Bimlesh on the operational side and 17+ founders and leaders as program mentors.

I am almost going to the world of hands-on-tech but this time, no coding :) 

Why is NoCode for SideProject my mission?

Only a handful of people can code or know to program, and 10000s of people use technology in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, those who use software have a better understanding of their pain vs. the coders. These can be product managers, marketers, designers, business professionals, small business owners ....the list goes on.

Why can't someone who doesn't know coding can't develop something on their own? 

Why should only a handful of people who know to code decide who can avail and who can't? 

Do you see the gap? 

You don't have to be a programmer to launch an application you need it/100s of your team members need.

You don't have to worry about design complexities (UI or UX).

You don't have to spend a few $10000/ Rupees to collect customer feedback about your solution.

You don't have to wait 6 months to launch a business that needs a technology solution.

...and many more such gap that comes with coding! 

NoCode to Build Side Projects or to Build Full-fledged business is here to stay and will have a significant impact, as we saw with cloud technologies.

As I deep dive into this NoCode world, I thought to jot down this newsletter to share with you.

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Thanks for reading and sharing.


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