About Santosh Panda

Santosh Panda is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. With a shoestring budget, I built a successful business & brand Explara, serving thousands of customers worldwide. 

Explara was my 3rd Startup that went through years of perseverance to withstand numerous failure and shutdown modes to become profitable. I started 2 businesses in London during 2005 & 06, both failed. 

Before starting up Explara, I was a software product engineer in eBay UK, BBC iPlayer, William Hill Betting platform and TouchNote. Before that, I was part of several startups during the dot-com era of the 2000s in the USA.

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  1. Having started up during 2005, 2006 and 2007 while I had a day job in eBay UK, I know how hard it is to Bootstrap! I will share practical tips and ideas to help you.

  2. Started a company in India while living in London and grew the business from 0 to $1m gross revenue. I was the "CEO", operating remotely during 2008-2011. I will share how to build remote teams.

  3. Raised fund from the marquee angel investors and VCs and could retain their trust and faith for years. I will share ideas on how/when to raise funds and if your execution is super, I won't mind an intro to angels.

  4. I struggled for years with loss-making due to the commodity market and stiff competition. I will share how to choose a market and what not to do!

  5. I expanded my business to South East Asia and could transform my business from a commodity software to an enterprise high-value product. I will share how you should explore markets and re-align your products.

  6. I never had issues in hiring while growing my startup to 40+ team members. I can easily share a word about you with my huge network. I am generally passionate about connecting quality people.

  7. I am sharing my learnings while running Foundership - A Startup Execution Platform where a peer network of founders & leaders help startup founders & teams to accelerate their idea, starting up, raising funds, high-performance execution and upskilling. I will share learnings and insights.

  8. I am appreciated as a resourceful and high-networked entrepreneur. We will expand the network together.